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The Gift of Giving

This year at Christmas time was one for the books at my house.   Our finances are tightly budgeted, so I was on the side of the boo boo lip for not having money to buy gifts for my children and grandchildren.. oh and great grandchildren.  Hubby is  a little on the tight lipped side during the holidays.  He states that everyone expects gifts, and if they do not meet the popularity, quality and price list, it is not appreciated.

I have made my gifts for christmas for years, and he became even tighter lipped at that , “They are not appreciated, they probably will throw them in the corner when they get home.” He threw such a Hissy fit after our last Christmas eve get together that I immediately took down the tree, and have not set it up again. We moved to Tennessee and our new house did not have room to even set it up.

My sisters did not care that  we did not send gifts, they  (identical twins) would send goodies anyway.   They would argue with me.. it was no the getting of presents that made the Christmas Spirit happen, it is the giving.

This year was one of those years that I dreaded the holiday season coming, My husband was not showing his normal hatred for the season, he was even watching Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel!!  My sisters had sent a HUGE box of goodies, Candy, A tabletop Christmas Tree, (They knew I missed the glitz and glitter of the season), it had little bitty LED lights, They handmade little snowmen Christmas balls for it. For me it was the best ever, she was upset that the  box was almost a week late and that the box was destroyed and a lot of the goodies were missing.  She paid for one of my orders of beads, and then a surprise box came from Amazon.

She had ordered me a brand new Singer sewing machine, mine is literally being held together with bright pink Duck tape. I cried, and cried, I was so surprised.  I have not made my granddaughter her night gowns or dresses or any mending since my machine had broken during our move south.  I told her I was wanting the very same machine that she sent me!  I never told her she just knew my sewing habits and thought it would  be the best.  I do not like all the bells and whistles, no computer machine for me!   I told her now I can make her boys their blankets that they have been asking for for the last few years. My husband was touched that I would cry over a gift like that, and commented that if he knew it would make me that happy, he would have bought me one years before, when it was broken.

I told him that I had to make something special for them.. and I was shocked when he agreed. I was so happy he did not brow beat me but actually said YES YOU DO!   Almost immediately I got the Christmas Spirit.

Now comes the hard part, what to make them.  Hummmm  what would  bet the best gift I could make them.  I have been beading, making nursing lanyards for them for gifts, so it has to be something bigger and better than that.  No matter what I made them , they would cherish it, so I had to come up with something on my own.  I have been eyeing the decorated balls that are like miniature chandeliers, not only for Christmas but made to cover a shiny, glittery and Christmas ball .  I searched and searched and could not find the one that I wanted to make.  So I just sat down and started making it.

I looked online for ideas, and grouped an inspiration from this one, and a color from that one, until I came up with a design that I thought would match them. I turned on my christmas music, sat down to the table with my little White Christmas tree they sent me, and went to work.

It was already 2 weeks before Christmas and knew it would take at least a week to put in the mail and it get there.  So I had to hurry! I worked 3 solid days.. I mean every min I was not sleeping!   Taking only 15 to 20 min breaks to rest my back and neck. Pulled 2 all nighters too. Just to get them done and in the mail.

The funny part was, I did not dread that first minute of it, I could not wait to get to beading. My only desire was to get it done.  I finally finished it, at 4:05. Post office closed at 4.  Heart sank.  I was not watching the clock but it did not matter, I could go the next morning.

So that gave me more time to make more pretties! I had already spent an all nighter on the ball, and started something new.  They are nurses, and I had made them Hair barrettes before,.. Soooo  I made them more.  Before I was done and my box packed to send to them.. There were he blankets for the boys, Hair barrettes, 2 ornaments for their tree, and a chandelier ball for their house.  Got the box ready, loaded in the car, headed to the post office and had to turn around and come back. I forgot to pack the store bought sparkly Santa Hats that I bought months before at dollar store.  Cut the tape, which I had used a half a roll of packing tape, I did not want to happen what Happened to the box I received. SO I cut the tape , put in the hats and used the other half of tape to reclose it.

On my way home from the post office, My heart was filled with so much love, and I was so happy.  It felt wonderful.  I had missed that feeling for so many years.  The true meaning of the “Gift is in the Giving” really shining thru! 100_2844100_2779100_2782


Are you a Warrior or a Coward

warrior woman

Women Warriors

I thought of this today, when I was thinking of how people are emailing , writing a letter, or texting that they are not interested in the other person anymore, ( or they have found someone else).  I thought of how people quit jobs, without thinking of the the possible consequences, or a man leaving a woman and child, because being a father scared him.   So I wrote this down.

Are you a Warrior or Coward?  In relationships,  whether personal, work or life in general…

Do you run from a little bit of an uncomfortable situation, or do you stick it out, stay and fight.

Do you try everything to make it right, or do you hide or run away.  Are you a quitter?

In what ever situation you are in and it becomes uncomfortable, you do your best to make it a good outcome. Do everything in your power to make it right.   In a bad situation, you will only make it worse by throwing your hands up and running away.

In a personal relationship, fighting doesn’t mean an argument. It doesn’t mean you will raise your voice, or throw a fit to get your way.  That will not get a desired result.  It means that you have to use a strategy to make it right.  Warriors use strategy to win a war. Warriors don’t give up, and turn and run from a situation.  If a warrior sees that it is a no win situation, using quiet, calm talking is stronger than any sword or weapon.

A quitter however will run from any confrontation that causes pain and discomfort.  Such as an argument with a significant other.  Many divorces have happened because of quitters.  They refused to try to get to the root of the problem,  Strati-size , did you do something that ignited the situation? What can you do to make the situation better.  Sometimes a plain, heart felt “I am sorry” will defuse the situation.  The old adage .. “Do not ever say you are sorry!” was initiated by a Controller, not a Warrior.   Warriors are protectors, Not power hungry individuals.  Not saying ” I am sorry” when it WAS your fault, is only a coward’s way of saying … Oops My Bad.

A submissive man/woman will overlook their mate’s harshness and abuse, because they love them.  I know from experience that all these little punches to the belly soon add up, Soon the controller  has pushed you so far away that there is an urgency to just give up ,” because it will never change”.  It will not change, if you have done nothing to change it.  You allow it to happen without even giving your ‘self esteem’ a chance get up off the floor.  You would rather lay there and pretend to be dead,, than to get up and say, “Hey that was unfair, You caused me intentional pain that I did not deserve!”

Warriors, in the work place, will do all in their power to get the job done.  If they come to a seemingly impossible situation, a warrior steps back, analyzes the possible outcomes and heads into the direction that will give the best outcome.  They get the job done, without throwing their hands up and quitting, or saying I can’t do it.

A warrior will go through all the possibilities and choose the best one.  A quitter wont even try.

Failure only happens … when you quit trying!    When you have done your very best to solve the situation, and it still won’t work, then it was never meant for you to solve it.

Another thought on this….   Are you afraid of Change,?  You can’t improve without Change!