Who Am I?

Boy, Hard question!

I am a very proud married Grandma.  That pretty much says it all.  OH you want more… Hmmmmm .

I live in the hills of Tennessee,  Yup I am a hillbilly, barefoot and all.  I am disabled now due to 2 strokes, and 3 spinal surgeries.  I have multiple medical problems, but choose to ignore them, only to take the meds for them.  The only problem that drives my hubby nuts is my ADD.   I can never finish things that I start.  I am cleaning and find something that goes into the other room.  I get to the other room, and see something else that needs to be done, so I put the original object down, and start something else.

My Jobs included, Working at the Chevy Truck Plant in Indianapolis, W (10 yrs) Working as a Firefighter at Bargersville Fire Department, 12 years  and Advanced EMT for Myers Ambulance and Rural Metro Ambulance, 12 years.

I love Creator God and the gifts God has given me.  I love to work on crafting, beading , crochet and finger weaving.  ( I am Native American, Scotch /Irish with a bit of French , Dutch, German and Italian mixed in)  I love working on my Family tree, and computer games.  My grandkids hate it when I beat them at them too.  They think it is cool that Grandma is good at computer games.


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