Cubic Cross, Original Design

I thoroughly LOVE making anything in beads! I enjoy a good challenge, and I had to  challenge myself to make something very special for my 17 year old grandson Darren. I used the Miyuki Delica Dura…

Source: Cubic Cross, Original Design


4 thoughts on “Cubic Cross, Original Design

  1. Mayrah

    I love the cross so much. For a friend, I would very much like to work for the exam. He is very faithful and it is to be a little help to him. May I ask you from the heart for guidance?
    Sorry, my english is very very bad 😉

    Kind regards from Stuttgart in Germany from Mayrah (Facebook May Rah)

    1. bmr250 Post author

      Hello Mayrah,,I am so sorry ..I just now got the message. if they sent notice that I had a message on WordPress, I did not get it. My cost is 15 US dollars, which is negotiable and I have a Paypal account. I would love to send it to you.


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