Cubic Cross, Original Design

I thoroughly LOVE making anything in beads!

I enjoy a good challenge, and I had to  challenge myself to make something very special for my 17 year old grandson Darren.

I used the Miyuki Delica Duracoat silver since I knew he would be wearing it. Then used the Black Delicas as an embellishment on the top. He loves anything in black as do most teenagers. This child is the heart of my heart and I could not make enough for him, because he treasures everything I make him.


I showed my piece to my cousin Tammy , she said that she loved it. She wanted one in Amethyst to lay on  her mother’s Bible that she has on display ,to honor her mother that has passed on. So I made one for her.  To say myself, it came out beautiful.  I added a spiral rope and silver and Amethyst tassel to it with the Miyuki Light Amethyst delica beads that I used to embellish the cross, because my cousin can not just have a Cross lying on the Bible by itself , Right?  This is how it came out!

Much love and Many prayers went into this piece.


Since then others have expressed desire to have one of my Crosses, so I must get busy!

I post pieces that I had been working on to the Bead weaving group on Facebook, which  I enjoy being a part of.  It was a hit! They all wanted a pattern for it.  Another Challenge!!  I have never made a pattern before, for my original works.  So now I must endeavour to make a pattern for my original piece.

Beading has become one of my simple pleasures in life. It is a form of meditation for me, and sometimes some blood from the sharp needles!  (Does that make the piece a bio hazard? 🙂 )  Gives a new meaning of ” I put a piece of myself into each piece”


Update!  I have the pattern finished. It is a complete instruction manual for 4 different stitches, A pattern for the Cubic Cross and A pattern for the Bookmark. If you would like a copy let me know!  It is in PDF or Word form.



7 thoughts on “Cubic Cross, Original Design

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  2. Judy Stewart

    I would really love to get your pattern for this beaded cross. I have some beautiful silver beads that I want to use for a Christmas gift for my two children, so really need to get started on them soon. If you can email them to me, I would be forever grateful! My son lives in Germany (I’m going there for Christmas); he has ALS and is totally disabled so has to have full-time nursing care. He has recently had his wife start reading the Bible to him and I know this would be something special he would appreciate! Thank you in advance and have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. bmr250 Post author

      Thank you Judy! ,I am so sorry ..I just now got the message. if they sent notice that I had a message on WordPress, I did not get it. My cost is 15 US dollars, which is negotiable and I have a Paypal account. I would love to send it to you.

    1. bmr250 Post author

      Hello Ulla,Thank you so much, I am so sorry .. if they sent notice that I had a message on WordPress, I did not get it. My cost is 15 US dollars, which is negotiable and I have a Paypal account.


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