New Baby in The House.

We swore we would never do it again.

Let’s start at the beginning.  A few months ago my niece wanted to know if anyone wanted a Boston Terrier, that she is just too much for a mommy that is going to school and working. Her puppy Winnie was a year and a half then.  I thought to myself,  yes they are a handful. I told her that if she couldn’t find a home for her to let me know.  Thinking to myself that I could help her find her a home.    I already had more than I needed.  I have two 4 year old Bostons and a 4 year old Schnauzer, It is a riot around here sometimes!   It is so loud , at play time, that my husband has to blare the television to even hear it.  They are all well behaved, well trained , just busy and loud. We also have the 2 kitties that are normally quiet, unless it is midnight, then they have to YeeeOwwl a few times.

Anyway,  My niece seemed to have given up on trying to give her away , or she had given her away. No she tried to keep her, and just kept her in a cage while her and her husband were working.  She came home one day with a pillow that had exploded in little Winnie’s cage.  Poor Winnie.

With the caption that maybe a pillow was not a good thing to put in the cage with her.

Winnie and the old pillow in the cage Tammy Carter Turner

About a month later she contacted me and said that she HAD to find a home for Winnie, that she just couldn’t go to anyone.  The she knows that I would take care of her and love her, and that she could come visit her when ever she wanted.  She said that the poor doggy was not made to live in a cage all of her life.  Now how could you say no to that?  I told my husband about her and what my Niece had said, he couldn’t say no either.

What were we gonna do now.  Already more critters in the house than we needed, So stressful sometimes that you want to scream, but my poor niece needed help!  She was also stressed to the max.  It was a very hard decision for her to make.  A puppy that she had had since she was 6 weeks old, she was thinking of getting rid of.

On Memorial day , they realized that they both had the day off, and brought MIss Winnie to her new home.  I was so excited to see my niece that I held her and wept, it had been 13 years since I had seen her.  Miss Winnie was so happy to see new people and all the doggies.

My niece left her with kisses and hugs, and Pictures with her little girl, who was very attached to her but knew it was better for her to come to my house. She was very apprehensive about leaving her little buddy with me, and left detailed instructions on what she loved and sounded like when she was in pain or hurt.

We got a new baby in the house.  Well a nearly 2 year old.


Now we have 3 Bosties, one schnauzer and 2 kitties.  Now how can you beat all the kisses, loving and laughter that you can handle.  All this sweetness in one spot?  These babies teach you so much conditional love.   Welcome home Miss Winnie! We love you!



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