Are you a Warrior or a Coward

warrior woman

Women Warriors

I thought of this today, when I was thinking of how people are emailing , writing a letter, or texting that they are not interested in the other person anymore, ( or they have found someone else).  I thought of how people quit jobs, without thinking of the the possible consequences, or a man leaving a woman and child, because being a father scared him.   So I wrote this down.

Are you a Warrior or Coward?  In relationships,  whether personal, work or life in general…

Do you run from a little bit of an uncomfortable situation, or do you stick it out, stay and fight.

Do you try everything to make it right, or do you hide or run away.  Are you a quitter?

In what ever situation you are in and it becomes uncomfortable, you do your best to make it a good outcome. Do everything in your power to make it right.   In a bad situation, you will only make it worse by throwing your hands up and running away.

In a personal relationship, fighting doesn’t mean an argument. It doesn’t mean you will raise your voice, or throw a fit to get your way.  That will not get a desired result.  It means that you have to use a strategy to make it right.  Warriors use strategy to win a war. Warriors don’t give up, and turn and run from a situation.  If a warrior sees that it is a no win situation, using quiet, calm talking is stronger than any sword or weapon.

A quitter however will run from any confrontation that causes pain and discomfort.  Such as an argument with a significant other.  Many divorces have happened because of quitters.  They refused to try to get to the root of the problem,  Strati-size , did you do something that ignited the situation? What can you do to make the situation better.  Sometimes a plain, heart felt “I am sorry” will defuse the situation.  The old adage .. “Do not ever say you are sorry!” was initiated by a Controller, not a Warrior.   Warriors are protectors, Not power hungry individuals.  Not saying ” I am sorry” when it WAS your fault, is only a coward’s way of saying … Oops My Bad.

A submissive man/woman will overlook their mate’s harshness and abuse, because they love them.  I know from experience that all these little punches to the belly soon add up, Soon the controller  has pushed you so far away that there is an urgency to just give up ,” because it will never change”.  It will not change, if you have done nothing to change it.  You allow it to happen without even giving your ‘self esteem’ a chance get up off the floor.  You would rather lay there and pretend to be dead,, than to get up and say, “Hey that was unfair, You caused me intentional pain that I did not deserve!”

Warriors, in the work place, will do all in their power to get the job done.  If they come to a seemingly impossible situation, a warrior steps back, analyzes the possible outcomes and heads into the direction that will give the best outcome.  They get the job done, without throwing their hands up and quitting, or saying I can’t do it.

A warrior will go through all the possibilities and choose the best one.  A quitter wont even try.

Failure only happens … when you quit trying!    When you have done your very best to solve the situation, and it still won’t work, then it was never meant for you to solve it.

Another thought on this….   Are you afraid of Change,?  You can’t improve without Change!


2 thoughts on “Are you a Warrior or a Coward

    1. Cheri

      Believe me Baby, I do too.. and I had to learn the hard way! Momma always told me never to let someone beat on me… They have to throw the first punch, but I had better defend myself. I had no idea that.. that comment would have more than one meaning to it! Took me 50 years to figure that out!!


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